Hey everyone! I am Alexis Ward, I first started to S.L.A.M. when I was 16 weeks pregnant and I have not looked back since.  I am excited to spread the S.L.A.M. love in the Dayton Area!

My husband and I moved to Washington, D.C., during my first trimester of our first child without having any friends or family in Picture1the area.  I was nervous within the new environment so I searched for supportive groups of moms where I could have a support network.  My search led me to Stroller Strong Moms – DC Area, which turned out to be perfect for me. Not only did it seem like a group that could support me into my new journey of becoming a mom, but it also provided me a place to continue working out.  At first, I was nervous when I showed up because it seemed like I was the only one without a stroller and a child in hand.  However, to my surprise, even from the first day I felt at home. There were moms, and even some dads, at all stages of parenthood and fitness levels.  I found that this group not only helped me maintain my fitness goal during my pregnancy and after giving birth, but these women have become friends for life or as we call each other my SLAM Sisters.

ward4I have been married since 2010 to my wonderful husband, Jeremy Ward, who is a research scientist at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  We first became parents. On Dec 20, 2016, to a beautiful baby boy: Aiden.  We also have two more ‘kids’ our border collie Tuff and a Yorkshire Terrier Chase.   Jeremy and I meet in high school in Iowa and we have lived in North Carolina, Virginia, and now Springboro, OH.

I have always had a passion for athletics and for being active.  I began my active lifestyle through playing soccer as a child and I continue to play competitively still today – even with Aiden in tow!  Yes, soccer has always been my activity of choice, but I also love hiking, dancing, running, or really anything that keeps me moving.  I wanted to turn my ward3love of being active into a career. This is why I received my bachelor’s degree, from Grandview University, in K-12 Physical Education and Health and shared my passion with my students.  I also shared my passion through coaching sports and giving swimming lessons. Since Aiden has been born, I have loved being a mom, but I also missed being an instructor.  This is why I became an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, renewed my CPR/First Aid certification, and became a Stroller Strong Moms instructor in the DC Area.  Since Jeremy’s job required that we move to Ohio, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share the SLAM love with families in the Dayton Area.