Hi S.L.A.M Fam! My name is Megan and I’m the owner of S.L.A.M. Tampa. I’m a mom to three girls – Laurel (6), Gwendolyn (4), and Violet (2), a Registered Dietitian, Army spouse, lover of travel and adventure, as well as a Florida native! My family has lived all over for my husband’s military career so when we learned we were moving to Tampa, I was both elated and hesitant. One of my first thoughts was, “There’s no S.L.A.M. there!” After soul searching and long talks with friends and family, I decided to take a leap of faith by pitching the idea of S.L.A.M. Tampa.

My S.L.A.M. journey started back in 2017. Before my oldest daughter was born, I was working full-time as a dietitian and staying active with Orange Theory workouts, spin classes, and yoga. When she was four months old, I knew I was ready to start exercising again, but the thought of leaving her in a gym daycare gave me anxiety and working out at home was completely unmotivating for me. I needed a group atmosphere with a guided and challenging workout.

I attended a class at S.L.A.M DC and was hooked from the first minute. All around me, I saw strength, confidence, friendship, support, and encouragement. I had found the village I was always told I needed when raising children. Working out next to other women
experiencing life exactly how I was – in the throes of postpartum and motherhood – is a gift that forever impacted and shaped my experience as a new mom.

Weeks after I had my second daughter, we moved from D.C. to Kansas where I had the pleasure of working out alongside other Fort Leavenworth S.L.A.M. mamas. I was also fortunate to provide my expertise as the registered dietitian for their annual fitness challenge, as I had in D.C. After Kansas, we moved to Germany where I enjoyed every bit of travel and I had my third daughter. I will admit, however, I felt the void of not having S.L.A.M. nearby (until very recently – hey S.L.A.M. Grafenwohr!)

My wish for S.L.A.M. Tampa is that every woman who joins feels welcomed, encouraged, and excited to experience the power that sweating alongside other moms can give. I want to motivate them so they feel the pride that comes from showing our kids what we are capable of!

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