Grafenwöhr, Germany

Ja, du kannst! (Yes you can)

Where We SLAM

Housing Playground

Housing Playground (near dog park)

1, Bldg 284A-5, 92655 Grafenwöhr


M, W, F – 9:00am


Parking & Meeting Location

Park in back section of housing parking lot.


Housing Playground


Kelsey_Landis Headshot

Lauren Roark |

Lauren is an Army wife, mom of six kids (ages 2-20!), and a retired Army Officer. She has been involved in SLAM for 4 years, and what started as a hobby, quickly became a passion. She was introduced to SLAM in Quantico, VA six weeks after having her daughter. When COVID put a pause on members meeting in person, Lauren realized that this “hobby” was actually a necessity. She was enthusiastic to help with the reopening of SLAM Quantico by becoming a certified SLAM instructor. Before moving to Germany, she searched for a SLAM community and connected with the original SLAM Graf owner, Chrissy, before the grand opening. Knowing the positive impact SLAM has had and the need in the Bavaria region, it was quickly decided that Lauren would take the reins of SLAM Graf when Chrissy and her family received military orders to move back to the states.

Lauren is a certified AAFA group fitness instructor with certificates in CPR/AED, Nutrition Strategies for Women, Cardio for Performance, Cardio for Fitness, Group Resistance Training, and many more.
Her favorite ways to sweat are through speed and agility classes, HIIT, and weight training with progressive overload strategies!