Clarksville, TN

The Gateway to Southern SLAM’n

Clarksville, TN

The Gateway to Southern SLAM’n

Where We SLAM

APSU Foy Recreation Center

451 Marion Street, Clarksville, TN

Monday, Tuesday, Friday | 9:30 – 10:30 AM

SLAM Sweat Like a Mother classes will be held at the Foy Recreation Center at Austin Peay in downtown Clarksville. The facility offers a three-court gymnasium, an indoor track, an indoor cycling studio and locker rooms with private showers and changing areas. Classes will utilize the available spaces differently in each class, but will primarily meet in the gymnasium during cooler months. During the warmer months, we will also have stations outside at the tennis courts and nearby fields. In the event of inclement weather, the indoor gymnasium is our rain or hot temps location.

Parking & Meeting Location

Parking is available for free on the side streets surrounding the Foy Recreation Center. The parking lot behind the center can be used.with a pass. These are available to purchase, contact us for the details. Note: Please do not park in the lot across the street from the Foy Center, as it is for students and staff only.

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Rotary Park

2308 Rotary Park Drive, Clarksville, TN

Wednesday + Thursday | 9:30 – 10:30 AM

SLAM Sweat Like a Mother classes will be held at Rotary Park in the Sango area of Clarksville on Wednesdays and Thursdays during warmer months (usually April-November) and weather permitting. Classes will utilize the available parking lot, field and pavilion differently in each class. In the case of inclement weather, classes will be moved to the APSU Foy Recreation Center. Members will receive a text via our membership management system in the morning if there is a change of location.

Parking & Meeting Location

Please drive to the very back of the park to meet in the parking lot near the restrooms and playgrounds. Parking is available for free.

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S.L.A.M. At Home

Zoom & Facebook Live 

Mondays + Fridays | 6:00 – 6:45 AM

We currently offer SLAM at Home, or SLAM the Alarm as we call it, classes on Monday and Friday mornings for those looking for an early option before kids wake up or if they aren’t able to make it to regular class that day. Our SLAM at home classes follow the same dynamic format as our in-person sessions, providing comprehensive instruction from your own living room.
Classes are 45 minutes in length and offer a variety of movement options for all levels. All classes are recorded and saved in our SLAM at Home library, exclusive to all unlimited monthly members.

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Track Attack

Sango Elementary School

3585 Sango Road, Clarksville, TN

Saturdays | 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Track Attack, a weekly running-based class, is held on the 1/4 mile community running/walking track at Sango Elementary School. Coaches will lead members through a scalable track workout that is open to all levels of runners. Whether you are brand new to the sport or you are a seasoned runner, you will find your challenge. In the case of inclement weather (rain or extreme temperatures), members will receive a text via our membership management system that morning if there is a cancellation.

Parking & Meeting Location 

We meet at the opening to the track and there is free parking available right there along the curb or in the parking lot.

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Foy Recreation Center

Rotary Park

SLAM Bosses

Anne & Erin |

This dynamic duo began their SLAM journey together in 2017 at SLAM Leavenworth. They reunited in Clarksville to continue the SLAM Nation mission of empowering mamas through motherhood using their expertise of fitness & love of community. Though Erin’s family had relocated to Texas, these two continue to lead a  thriving SLAM community here in Tennessee!


The Clarksville Team

Anne Perrault |

Anne is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach. She also holds a certification in CPR & AED through the American Red Cross.

She found SLAM in 2017 at Fort Leavenworth and has never looked back! After moving to Tennessee, Anne would SLAM with Nashville once in a while and did a round of Virtual before becoming one of the original SLAM Clarksville members when it opened in 2019. She began coaching in the summer of 2020 and took over as SLAM Bosses with Erin in the spring of 2021!

A girl mom 3 times over and a proud Army wife, Anne spent her youth as a swimmer but has since turned her cardio to the pavement and really enjoys running; either solo or while pushing the BOB with her youngest in it.

Anne’s favorite SLAM stations to coach are EMOMs, Tabatas and really anything that gets the mamas running! She loves watching and cheering as they push themselves and reach for those goals and new challenges! When she’s not running or SLAMn’, you can find this soccer and dance mom carting her girls to their practices or just enjoying time with the family.

Erin Sattler |

Erin is ACE Group Fitness Instructor certified, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism certified coach and American Red Cross CPR & AED certified.

She first started SLAM in 2016 with SLAM Leavenworth. She has since SLAMed with SLAM DC, SLAM Clarksville and currently SLAM Ft. Hood. She began coaching in 2020 and has experience coaching both in person and online classes. In 2021, Erin and Anne took over as SLAM Bosses of SLAM Clarksville! After she and her family PCS’d to Ft. Hood in the summer of 2022, Erin began coaching there and then became a co-owner with Catherine in December 2022.

Erin’s favorite way to SLAM are heavy weights, sprints and stairs. Her favorite parts of SLAM are seeing moms reach their goals, snuggling fussy babies and chatting with the toddlers when moms are on spa runs.

Although she and her family have left Clarksville, she visits often and teaches SLAM the Alarm classes online!

Katie Paquette | Instructor

Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and is CPR & AED certified.
She has been living the SLAM life for over 4 years! Her journey began with SLAM Fayetteville before relocating to Clarksville in 2020. Since joining the instructor team in the summer of 2021, her favorite SLAM station to coach is a good and tough chipper. However, if she’s the one exercising, then she’s all about the AMRAPs!
Katie is a proud military spouse and a mom of three: two girls and one boy. When she’s not SLAMn’, you can find her on the soccer field coaching her kids’ teams or out for a run!

Stacey Fischer | Instructor

Stacey is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and is also CPR & AED certified. She has her Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene from The Ohio State University (Go, Bucks!).

She is a mom of two, a military spouse and an Ohio native. She has also lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, Rhode Island and Tennessee. Driving across the country has actually become one of her favorite things to do!

Stacey’s SLAM journey began in Washington at SLAM Tacoma in 2020 when her daughter was just 6 weeks old. She eventually became an instructor with them in 2021. When she relocated to Newport, Rhode Island for a short time, she missed SLAM so much that she ended up holding “Mommy and Me” workout classes at a local gym.

Now that she is in Tennessee, and has added another baby to the mix, she is thrilled to be SLAMing with this amazing group of moms we have here!

Theresa Watts | Instructor

Theresa is an ACE certified Group Fitness instructor with a certification in CPR & AED through the American Red Cross.

In May of 2019, when her oldest daughter was five months old, Theresa attended her first SLAM class in Clarksville. It was life changing! She remembers being so intimidated walking up to the group but very quickly was welcomed with open arms and cheered on by name throughout the workout. SLAM very quickly became a core part of her and she has been dedicated ever since.

Theresa is a mom of two girls and two big fur babies and is also a proud army wife. She spent the majority of her youth as a competitive gymnast and as a result, she loves fast-paced and challenging workouts. Her favorite stations to coach are HIIT workouts or anything team or partner based, where the mamas cheer for and motivate each other.

While not at SLAM, Theresa can be found homeschooling her kindergartener, playing outside with her daughters, cooking, baking, or traveling.

I didn’t need friends, but found camaraderie. I didn’t have body goals, but I found a new love for mine. I didn’t desire a change, but I have been changed..

Danielle G.

SLAM San Antonio Owner