Stuttgart, Germany

Schwitzen in Stuttgart

Where We SLAM

Panzer CYS Gym

Panzer CYS Gym

Panzerkaserne 2917, 71032 Böblingen, Germany


M, T, W, Th – 9:30-10:30am


Parking & Meeting Location


Parking next to the gym, meet on the basketball court outside the gym.


Panzer CYS Gym


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Julie Morelli |

Julie is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/First Aid Certified. She is also a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She is a registered nurse and practiced in labor and delivery for years before having her children and following her husband’s military career. She is a mother of three children and has been an active member of S.L.A.M. since her 12-year-old was 4 months old. She started at S.L.A.M. Columbus and has been a member of S.L.A.M. Leavenworth and S.L.A.M. Antonio. S.L.A.M. has always been a key part of her motherhood journey and she loves sharing this community with others.