Learn about one of our newest SLAM bosses, Brittany Hampton!

As a Registered Dietitian and high-school “athlete” (I use that term lightly), I have always had an interest in health and wellness. However, reflecting upon my past, I would say that fitness didn’t become a passion until my husband decided to join the Army and I discovered exercise to be a social outlet.

While my husband was in training, a friend and I would do Jillian Michaels videos and I would run a few miles here and there. (Running was always my least favorite). He returned, we moved, and I was fortunate to find a few friends to take workout classes with at the base gym. Another move brought my first pregnancy and I tried to stay active. More moves, a deployment, and a baby meant new friends and new exercise regimens. I kept up with Jillian Michaels during naptime, but I desired something more social. Some friends and I started a small group where we’d take turns watching each other’s little ones while each of us ran a few miles and then we’d attempt pushups and sit-ups with babies crawling on top of us. I told my husband I wanted to start a stroller workout group for moms and I wanted it to have a “cool name.”

This was short-lived, though, as a new move was sprung upon us. I found a group to work out with and ended up becoming a certified fitness instructor—this changed everything. I felt so complete being able to share my love of friendships, motherhood, burpees and bear crawls.

Two more babies and another move brought us to Columbus, Georgia. I had heard of a stroller workout group there called Stroller Strong Moms. I was a little intimidated by how good those mommas looked in speed shorts, but I was eager to see if this group was for me.

After a year of SLAM’in, this group is not just for me, it’s part of me. My 4-year-old asks me where I’m going on the rare occasion I put on a dress and not my “strong mom (SLAM) shirt.” A majority of the contacts in my phone have a name with SLAM written next to them. When making appointments, I am sure to keep that 9-10 am slot open for class because days without SLAM are just days. Not to mention, the days I get to teach class are the best days: coming up with creative yet intense workouts to inspire the moms who inspire me is by far my favorite job yet.

Stroller Strong Moms is about more than just the workouts—which are so challenging yet also so inclusive. Stroller Strong Moms is about the laughs, the contagious joy of running (I went from disliking running to looking forward to it), the learning from other moms who have been through those terrible-twos before, the constant empowerment to better ourselves and our children. It’s about the SLAM fam and a culture that I am so proud to be a part of. When I envisioned starting a stroller workout group, I could not have designed it better myself—plus the “cool name” seals the deal. I am so honored and bursting-at-the-seams-excited to bring this group to the Southern Pines area—lifelong friendships will be formed, new runners will be made, and little ones will be inspired. Get ready to SLAM in the Pines!