Hello SLAM nation!! My name is Chrissy and I am the proud new owner of S.L.A.M. Grafenwohr (aka SLAMGraf). I am an Army wife, mom of four wild boys (Dekker, Rowan, Kallum & Maddox), and current USAG-Bavaria’s Military Spouse of the Year (2023). I am so excited to bring this amazing SLAM community and culture to Grafenwohr, because we don’t have anything like it right now, and being overseas can be lonely and isolating. I can’t wait to watch mamas grow stronger, gain friendships, and truly feel connected to their community.

Like many other SLAM members, I find myself saying that ‘I wish I had joined sooner.’ I have always remained active through pregnancies and post-partum, but never had this community of women to truly support my recovery and empower me to stay consistent. Once I started SLAM in Fort Leavenworth, KS in 2021, I never turned back. I was drawn in by the fun Mom’s Night Out events, but I stayed for the daily workouts and deep connections. I loved seeing my SLAM sisters each morning, and it wasn’t just a surface level friendship. They could see when I was distressed, and would (physically and emotionally) lift me up when needed.

When we got our orders to move to Germany, I knew there wasn’t a SLAM here, and everyone encouraged me to open one up, but imposter syndrome set in, and I resisted. Instead I joined the SLAM Virtual community and continued my workouts (which were amazing). But that local piece was missing, and although I was fortunate to have all school-aged children, I could see my neighbors and friends struggling because they didn’t have childcare or connection in their community. I knew it was time for me to get things rolling here.

I’m so excited to bring SLAM to Grafenwohr! I can’t wait to create a supportive community of women to do mom-life together and Sweat Like a Mother. Ja, du kannst, Mamas!! Give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram and cheer us on!