Welcome Back Bridget!

Bridget started off her SLAM journey as a member in Columbus and soon became their first YLAM instructor from 2014-2015. In that short time, Columbus mamas benefited so much from Bridget’s yoga and running expertise and Bridget fell in love with the concept of SLAM.

As the story often goes, it came time for this military family to relocate to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bridget missed the empowering community of strong mamas she left behind in Columbus, and for about a year she toyed with the idea of opening a SLAM village in Pittsburgh. Finally in September of last year, she gave it a go! In just a few short months, Bridget found herself a SLAMily… these mamas worked hard to crush goals under the direction and motivation of their awesome fearless leader! In the middle of their training for the Pittsburgh Half and Marathon Relay, Bridget gave birth to her third child. After a few short weeks, she came back and continued to lead the mamas in their preparation and training for the race. We like to call this mama superhuman! Not only is she an amazing yogi and runner, but she shares her gifts and knowledge with others, all while juggling all the things motherhood throws at her without skipping a beat.

Unfortunately, Bridget’s family’s time in Pittsburgh was cut short and a move to Columbia, SC came sooner than expected. I bet you can guess where this is going… this mama can’t live without some SLAM in her life. We couldn’t be more proud to announce that Bridget will be opening SLAM Columbia in September! Check out Columbia’s webpage here: https://www.sweatlikeamother.com/wp/columbia/ and Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/s.l.a.m.columbia/ Please like and share Bridget’s page and help us spread to the word! Go Bridget!