Hey! Kristen Buchanan here, purveyor of #slamstoke and former Stroller Strong Moms Savannah Instructor! I’m so pumped to be joining the SLAM Boss team as I open the 24th Stroller Strong Moms affiliate in the Bull City – Durham, North Carolina!

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in athletics. Growing up, my family was nonstop active and my sisters and I started participating in sports at a young age. It wasn’t just my love of sports, it was the team aspect of sports – working hard for the greater good – that inspired me. I played Division I Lacrosse at the University of Oregon where my love for strength, conditioning, and team really flourished.

After college I struggled to define my personal health and fitness goals. I worked out, went to the gym, ran half-marathons, surfed, and generally stayed active, but I just couldn’t find my stoke. Becoming a mother in 2015 was incredible, but it also meant that my fitness goals continued to take a backseat to motherhood and full time teaching. Finding the motivation for regular exercise by myself was tough and unfulfilling.

Then, the magic happened! In a new city and pregnant with baby number two, I attended my first Stroller Strong Moms class in Savannah, Georgia in 2016! I quickly realized it was the team aspect and sense of camaraderie that I was missing all those years and I finally found it in this amazing tribe! The workouts were tough, but these mamas were tougher. I SLAM’d throughout my second pregnancy, became an instructor in Savannah, and found my #slamstoke among my sisters in sweat!

Stroller Strong Moms provided the motivation, structure, and support I needed to help me reignite the stoke I had for fitness when I was a kid. I believe fitness is a lifelong pursuit that can be tough to navigate on your own and I hope to inspire that stoke in other mamas here in Durham!


verb: encourage or incite (a strong emotion or tendency).

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