October SLAMer of the Month – San Antonio

Mackenzie Lease has been a dedicated SLAMer since before SLAMAntonio officially opened last May. She found out she was pregnant shortly thereafter and never skipped a beat! Mackenzie’s genuine warmth and easygoing attitude are contagious both during class and beyond — spreading SLAM love to her neighbors and friends, bringing in new moms to our tribe all of the time!

Mackenzie challenges herself right where she is — modifying the workouts to fit her body’s current needs, while continuing to show up and work hard! Plus, her sense of humor and sarcasm are just what we need to keep things light and fun!

Here’s Mackenzie’s story:

Hi all! My name is Mackenzie Lease and I live in San Antonio and am lucky enough to have not one, but two kick-butt coaches: Amanda (Mandi) Afoa and Danielle Gamiz. I am very blessed to have a wonderful, hard-working husband, which allows me to be a stay-at-home mom to our two kiddos, with one more on the way. I grew up participating in many athletic programs, from volleyball, to football, to basketball to track and field. Running was something I was good at, but never particularly enjoyed. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would be running and working out for fun, while pregnant, well, you can probably guess what my answer would be.

Before SLAM I tried to stay active, but with two kids under three you can imagine how that went. Then Mandi (a longtime college friend) moved to San Antonio and started telling me about how she was thinking of starting up a SLAM group with another SLAM mama, Danielle. I was excited for her, and knowing I’d sign up, nervous about what I was about to get myself into! I had never worked out in a class with other moms who clearly had their lives all together, and weren’t struggling with their out-of-shape mom bods. It all seemed so intimidating! But I couldn’t have been more wrong!


Our SLAM community in San Antonio is unbeatable! From the very first class Mandi and Danielle have been rockstar coaches — leading, teaching, supporting, listening, and laughing with us all along the way!


Being surrounded by a group of moms who want to better themselves physically and mentally, for themselves and for their families, is exactly what I never knew I needed. I feel like a much more balanced person having such a great outlet for myself, and my kids love all of the fun that comes along with it! While I may be slowing down, being almost eight months pregnant, I am so thankful to know I’ll have SLAM to look forward to after my baby is born. I am so grateful to be a part of this great group of women!