Every month, hard working mamas from all of our SLAM affiliate locations are featured as SLAMers of the month and this month is no exception.  I am SO excited to introduce you to two members from Stroller Strong Moms Fairbanks! These women inspire me every day. They are dedicated and show up to class ready to work. Their stories are different but they come and SLAM side by side, encouraging each other and the rest of our tribe. Davya is an accomplished athlete who never stops raising the bar for herself and our members. She even convinced a few of us, who are very inexperienced skiers, to take on a 20k while she crushed the 40k and was the first woman to finish! Katie is one of the most courageous and determined women in our group. She does not have a background in athletics but makes sure to do every rep and every round of every workout. I have never seen her slack off or compromise her form. She has grown so much as an athlete and leads our group by example. No matter where you are on your fitness journey there is a place for you at Stroller Strong Moms. Take a few minutes to watch this video and hear from Davya and Katie.