Hello!! I am Amy Habrack and I am originally from Stanchfield, Minnesota. I was an avid athlete through high school and continued my education at National Personal Training Institute(NPTI) to pursue a career in fitness. I have successfully trained clients in group and personal sessions, managed and owned health clubs in cities across the United States on a small scale in a studio setting to full service health clubs. I am an advocate for living a healthy, realistic and balanced life. I met my husband Jon in Columbus, Georgia. We have two sweet babes; Vanessa who is 5, and Beau who is 1! We live Panama City Beach and I am ecstatic to bring S.L.A.M. to the Panhandle, and start making a lasting impact on the community.

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My family is very passionate about health and fitness, and setting a positive example of an active lifestyle! Alexa, my sister-in-law (who just happens to be my best friend!) started Stroller Strong Moms about 5 years ago, and I have watched it blossom and create so many relationships and strengthen moms in so many ways. I was lucky enough to able to participate in the wonderful Savannah SLAM sisterhood while living in Bluffton, SC. SSM is the perfect opportunity to create a community of like minded mamas to achieve goals and share so much more than an amazing workout… to really connect!

Let’s S.L.A.M. together at the beach!