Hey mamas! DC owner Kelli here with a fun and exciting announcement! After a short stint in DC and another military move quickly approaching – I have decided that now is the best opportunity to make some much needed and better changes for this tribe.  Without further ado, it is my absolute honor to introduce my new business partner, Lindsay Platky.  She has been a huge part of this community from the very beginning and my ear for so many of my brainstorming sessions.  Her spirit, influence, and expertise are inspiring.  She’s brought us yoga and helped form and grow our run program; but more importantly, she’s brought so many hugs and smiles to our tribe.  We are so lucky to have her; and I’m even more fortunate not just call her my dear friend, but also my business partner.  Welcome to the #SLAMBoss world, babe!

Hi, I’m Lindsay, mama to two wild boys and wife to a hard working man I’ve been in love with since high school. I have been a part of the SLAMnation community as long as I’ve been a mother and I’m so proud and grateful to be partnering with one of my closest friends to lead Stroller Strong Moms DC hand in hand!

Just under 6 years ago, Kelli and I were brand new moms and new friends living in Savannah, Ga. She had heard through the amazing military spouse grapevine that the Stroller Strong Moms founder Alexa was headed to the Sav to set up a new tribe, and she encouraged me to join her in trying out a session. The first few classes were out of my comfort zone but so incredibly fun, with warm welcoming mamas. I fell in love. Hard. Each week I discovered new things about myself as a mother, friend, and athlete.

When Kelli and I both moved to D.C. within a few months of each other in 2014, I was relieved and beyond excited that she took the plunge to open S.L.A.M. DC. I joined her as a yoga instructor and then a S.L.A.M. instructor. D.C. is BIG and exciting and busy – but even in this town with SO many choices and communities, Kelli’s business savvy and focus on the needs of new moms enabled the D.C. tribe to grow and thrive!

I was honored when Kelli asked me to watch over her ‘baby’ while the Berger family had a year long adventure in Australia last year.  This experience as #SLAManager and the support of an amazing team of instructors encouraged me to blossom as a coach and leader. I am so excited for the opportunity to now partner with Kelli as her family heads to their next duty station. I look forward to working each day to nurture and grow this tribe of hardworking, welcoming, diverse women on this mama journey.  I feel so personally empowered by this program and am grateful for the opportunity to work each day to spread its mission with an amazing partner by my side!