SLAMer of the Month – July 2017

Hello! My name is Delia Esquer and I have been a member of SSM Dayton area since the opening in September 2016.

My husband Carlos and I have been married for 6 years and we have a 21-month-old happy boy named Pablo.
We are originally from Mexico but moved to the US shortly after getting married. My husband works for an international automotive company and we have relocated with them 4 times in the 6 years of marriage. Before moving to Centerville, Ohio, we were living in Indiana where I was working as an interpreter, which allowed me to have a great schedule with time to work out in the evenings.

When we moved to Ohio, I was almost 8 months pregnant. We decided that it was better for us to move, even when I was very pregnant. The first thing I had to do was to find a new doctor, which was not easy since I was so far in my pregnancy. At 36 weeks, I finally found one that was willing to see me. I only saw her twice and then Pablo was born. A happy and healthy little boy made us the happiest parents.

When he was born, we all had a new routine to get used to, especially me with being a new mom in a new city where I didn’t know anyone. I have always been very active and I enjoy to workout. I played almost every sport growing up and I have ridden horses since I was 9-years-dold. I was part of my State’s Track and Field Team and competed in national events running the 100 m and 200 m events since elementary school all the way through college, where I earned a track scholarship.

When we moved to the US, I did CrossFit for a few years before getting pregnant and while pregnant for 8 months. During the last month of my pregnancy, I alternated between running and yoga. I remember running (very slow, lol) the day before Pablo was born. It took me a little getting used to the new routine with a baby, but I started working out again the same day my doctor cleared me for it. I started walking while wearing him in those baby carriers, which he loved. Even today, Pablo is not very good at taking naps or sleeping, so I used to workout with him in my arms squatting until he fell asleep. I always thought that he liked the movement because he remembered it from when I worked out while pregnant.

When I found the SSM group, I was so excited. I thought it would be good if I could workout with more people so Pablo and I could make friends. Even if the workout wasn’t as good, I knew I could work at home again after. So, we went to the first class, and gladly, Alexis did not disappoint!! She was prepared, motivated, and very nice. The class was fun, active, different, and was a great workout just as I like. We signed up that same week and have been happy “SLAMing” ever since.

I like so many things of this group, it is always a different workout that challenges me and I feel stronger every day. We have friends there and do different activities with them. All the moms there are nice and it’s great to talk and laugh with them. Most importantly, the thing I love most is that Pablo can stay with me the entire class. He loves to move around so he is happy when we run, and he always “helps” me by adding extra weight to my workout when he is in either my arms or legs or on my chest or back. Every morning when he knows that we are going to workout, he starts doing his own squats now. I love that this is part of his life too and hopefully he will grow up to be healthy and active and will enjoy being active as much as mama does.