What a great 2015 for Stroller Strong Moms! Each year we are joined by more and more moms who are looking for more than just a great workout. These moms become part of a community of supportive and encouraging women who lift each other up. We are so proud of our SLAM villages and truly believe that there is nothing better than women challenging and inspiring each other as beautiful examples to their children of strength and teamwork. Check out what we were up to in 2015!

Get Fit Challenges Transforming Bodies and Lives

The beginning of the year is always exciting because it means the annual Get Fit Challenge is on the horizon. We love the Get Fit Challenge! It is comprised of a 10 week program in which moms are encouraged to work hard to improve both their fitness level and nutrition. The GFC has allowed moms to reach goals and in many instances make lasting lifestyle changes. Columbus, Savannah and DC moms made impeccable strides in their fitness levels, all while supporting and encouraging each other to be the best they could be! The support, encouragement and camaraderie during the Get Fit Challenge is unmatched and although there are ‘winners’, everyone who participated in the challenge improved significantly over the 10 weeks and became stronger, faster, and healthier athletes! Congrats mamas!


First and Second Place finishers in DC, Becky and Jess!

cols getfit

Top three finishers in Columbus Whitney, Laura and Stephanie and special prize to Megan!


Top three finishers in Savannah Anne-Marie, Suzie and Julie!


Top three finishers in Savannah Jess, Kristie, and Christine!

SLAM Across Georgia, Run For The Heroes

Over the past three years, Stroller Strong Moms has participated in the Run Across Georgia event that takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. RAG is a 260 mile relay from Savannah to Columbus, GA to raise money for the House of Heroes. The House of Heroes supports our veterans by making repairs to homes of veterans and their families. This year we had a team of primarily Columbus Stroller Strong Moms… Reba Paull, Rosa Eshoo, Granny Griffin, Lauren Demarest, Janet Daly, Lori Greeff, and Bridget Hall, joined by Caroline Hidalgo, a Savannah Stroller Strong Mom to make a strong and speedy team of 8 mamas (and an amazing pit crew). This team raised over $13,000 for the House of Heroes and finished in first place in two categories, top female team and top civilian team! They displayed true teamwork as they relayed across the state in the blistering heat on Memorial Day in support of our nations veterans and in remembrance of those killed in action, especially Daren Hidalgo, Caroline’s brother-in-law. What a truly special event that has been such an honor and privilege to be a part of every year.

rag rag4 rag5 rag6 rag7 rag8 rag2 rag9rag3

Stretch Like a Mother

This past year, we were so lucky to have talented and amazing yoga instructors in all three of our SLAM locations. With Lindsay Platky and Bridget Hall moving away from Savannah and Columbus, sister-in-laws Megan Argo and Amy Muskus stepped right in to continue some much needed YLAM. With Lindsey Platky moving from one SLAM location to another (Savannah to DC) it was a win/win situation! Stroller Strong Moms DC spearheaded an awesome Yoga month in August and the rest of us jumped on board! We had tons of fun using the hashtags #namastrongmoms and #SLAMwithmyOMies. DC, Savannah and Columbus participated in weekly yoga challenges led by each location’s yoga instructors who did a great job motivating moms to try new yoga poses in and out of class! It was super fun and a great success, showing mamas the amazing power of yoga for the mind and body!

dc yog dc7 sav9 dc6 sav yog colyog2 colyog dc

Happy SLAMiversary!

September marked the four year SLAMiversary for SSM Columbus. Columbus mamas celebrated with a SLAM through the decades themed class filled with a little bit of everything including jazzercising, body pump, tae-bo, crossfit and yoga! Moms dressed up in their favorite decade and Reba and her awesome instructors took them on a journey through time, workout style!

colsani2 colsani7 colsani6 colsani5 colsani4 colsani3 colsani

Savannah also celebrated three years with a Patriotic SLAmazing Race SLAMiversary in which teams of mamas had to complete the workout to earn as stamp on their passport at 6 different ‘countries’ and be the first to return back to the USA! Cassie organized a SLAMazing class that ended with a very appropriate workout to Party in the USA! Great job to Cerc and her team of inspiring instructors!

sav sav anni sav4 sav2 sav slamiversary sav5 sav3

In October, SSM DC celebrated their one year SLAMiversary! They organized a fun class in which each team of mamas received a ‘metro card’ and hopped on the (imaginary) metro to hit different hot spots in DC and then race to finish at the national Zoo! Congrats to Bergie and her team of awesome instructors for a year of amazing success in DC! Starting a business from the ground up is a ginormous undertaking and Kelli has done an outstanding job creating a community which started with a handful of moms and has grown into a true SLAM village!

dc dc4 dcani dc slamiversary 2 dc3 dc5 dc2

SLAM at the Army Ten Miler

On October 11th, Stroller Strong Moms from THREE locations came together in our nation’s capitol to run the Army Ten Miler! The ATM is a historic event which was an honor to be able to attend. SLAM’ers even snagged a few pics with the first female Ranger School graduates, Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver… including a West Point graduate photo opp with Caroline and Kim!

atm2 ATM atm5 atm3 atm7


New SLAM Affiliate Ownership

Over the past three years, Cassie has given her whole heart to the members of SLAM Savannah as a dedicated and motivating leader. In November, Cassie took ownership of SSM Savannah! She has hit the ground running as an incredible leader with a true passion for helping mamas reach their potential all while providing a supportive and loving community for moms in every fitness level and stage of motherhood. The savannah village has grown larger and stronger as a wonderful sisterhood with Cassie’s example and leadership.

Nov red nose

We are excited to announce that Reba will be taking ownership of SSM Columbus as of March 1st! Reba has been the face of SSM Columbus for the past four years. She has poured her heart into Stroller Strong Moms since she became an instructor in 2012. She is very respected in the Columbus community as the strong, selfless and kind-hearted leader of SSM. Reba’s true love for guiding moms in their fitness journeys as a selfless leader is obvious given that her children are no longer stroller-aged. She continues to lead with her beautiful heart out of pure love and belief in the SLAM. Reba’s involvement in SLAM has always been a family affair as her husband, Joe, has taken thousands of snapshots of SLAMers in action, her mom has hosted multiple SLAM gatherings and her school-aged SLAM kids are true SLAM supporters! Reba and her family are a gift to Stroller Strong Moms!

2016_02_SSM SLAM 34 Shirt Reba Squarereba2

Marathon Season!

November has meant one thing to Stroller Strong Moms for the past several years: the month in which all of the hours spent pounding the pavement pays off when crossing the finish line at half-marathons and marathons! Once again, we had several SLAM locations coming together in Savannah for the Rock’n’Roll Marathon/Half Marathon as well as the Soldier’s Marathon in Columbus. Two Monterey mamas completed the Big Sur Half Marathon as well! These events are especially notable because many of the mamas accomplished a goal whether it was to finish their first half or full or get a PR with the help of many of their SLAM sisters. Help came in the form of meeting for training runs, sticking together during the race, sideline cheering, signs, encouragement, snacks, drinks, baby watching, mamas jumping in at parts of the race to encourage, SLAM sisters stalking live tracking from afar, the list goes on. Congrats mamas! Keep calm and marath-on!

mara mara6 mara5 mara4  mara7 marath  marathon marr marat

Welcome New Affiliates!

In September, Alexa had a Grand Opening of Stroller Strong Moms in Monterey after moving from Georgia to California. It was exciting to be able to spread SLAM to the west coast!!! SLAM Monterey has gotten off to a great start with very dedicated and enthusiastic mamas!

monterey6 monterey7 monterey4 monterey3

In December, we announced a new Stroller Strong Moms location in Atlanta, Georgia, led by Lindsey Caballero with a grand opening in February! Lindsey is excited to use her experience as a group fitness instructor to spread her love of fitness and help mamas reach their health and fitness goals! Check out Stroller Strong Moms Atlanta on Facebook!


Happy New Year

We are looking forward to lots more SLAMazing news in 2016! We are excited to welcome SSM Atlanta in February and a few more SLAM locations to be announced starting this spring and summer! We are looking forward to continuing to spread the SLAM love! Keep up the great work Stroller Strong Moms, keep leading by example and showing your children what it means to Sweat Like A Mother!