It’s almost Halloween and you are already dreading the massive pounds of candy that your sweet little princess or scary ghost is going to bring home. With the holidays right around the corner, now is no time to be loading up on Reese’s—aside from packing in empty calories, all that sugar will bring out the mom-ster in your or else just make you want to take a long nap, and who has time for that?

Here are some simple ways to just get rid of that candy:

  1. Throw it away. Yes, it’s really that simple. Every year I do this and although I have a small part of guilt in terms of food waste, I remind myself there is nothing nutritious about the trash that’s going into the trash. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but the first ingredient in Starburst is corn syrup, followed by a lot of other garbage and ending with lots of food coloring.


  1. Eat some. Okay, before you are confused by my contradictory statements, you must understand I’m a realist. It’s Halloween, you probably don’t snack on Gobstoppers all year long, so it’s okay to indulge—a little. Do you have a favorite candy? Sneak a few pieces out of your little one’s stash and sit down and enjoy your contraband. Don’t walk around cleaning while chomping, don’t scroll on social media, just sit and savor that goodness. It will make you appreciate it more and perhaps discourage you from going back for more because you’ll be satisfied.


  1. Make a candy sign for someone special. If you are completely clueless by what I mean, hit up google and type in “candy sign for someone special”. I did this back in the day before kids and it was a big hit with the hubs. You essentially glue candy in its wrapper to a poster board and use the words to write fun sayings, such as “Hey SUGARBABIE, I SKORed with you”. Everybody wins.


  1. Save it for bribery purposes. It’s the season of family pictures and you’re already dreading it. Pop some of that candy in your purse, promise m&ms in exchange for smiles and you’ll be golden.


  1. Make a new candy bar recipe and give it away. Have you ever put chocolate candy bars in brownies? They really spice things up and make it look like you slaved all day. There are so many candy bar recipes out there and it’s a fun way to use up the candy, just be sure to bake for some neighbors or friends so you’re not stuck with even more sugar.


  1. Donate to a shelter. Research the homeless shelters in your hometown—many have children who never get to experience Halloween so even though they don’t need the candy either, it’s a nice gesture to give away some to brighten a little one’s day.


  1. Make a workout. For every Starburst, do 10 star crunches; for every Crunch bar do 10 reverse crunches; for every Baby Ruth, do 10 dumbbell swings—you get the idea. Make a list of candy and exercises and have some fun surveying all the candy, while Sweating Like A Mother


Most of all, enjoy your Halloween, brush your teeth, remember the Holidays are coming with even better goodies, and stay Balanced Like A Mother.