Welcome back to the SLAM Fam Jess!

Jess Hamel joined the SLAM Fam in Savannah in February of 2014 and immediately became what we like to call a SLAMaholic! This mama didn’t miss many workouts! Races, Mom’s Nights Out, playgroups, Run Across Georgia… her response was always “Where do I sign up?”. Jess jumped right in and didn’t turn back, making lifelong friends not just for mama, but for her kiddos as well! 

After an action packed year in a SLAM village she loved, it was time for an Army move. Jess knew she couldn’t live without an empowering mama village and she wanted to pay it forward. When she moved to New Jersey, she created a fitness class after the SSM model. Now that SLAM is expanding with affiliates throughout the country, Jess is so excited to join the #SLAMboss team and bring SSM to El Paso!

What does #SLAMbliss mean?

El Paso is the home of Fort Bliss and what better slogan for SLAM El Paso then #SLAMbliss! The definition of bliss is perfect happiness, great joy. That just about sums up the fullfillment all of us mamas and #SLAMkids get from being a member of this fierce mama tribe! Welcome back Jess! Looking forward to watching your village grown in the friendship state! 


Get Connected with #SLAMbliss

Want all the details about park locations, times and our new El Paso SLAM boss? Checkout out their brand new webpage here! Like and Share SLAM El Paso’s Facebook page here!