Reba’s Big Announcement

No, not that kind of announcement! Although with this announcement, a baby would be a fine addition…(maybe one day!) So here’s the real news: It is with absolute excitement that I’m announcing that as of March 1st I will be the Stroller Strong Moms Columbus owner. I can’t believe I’ll a business owner— let alone THIS amazing mom filled, sweat inducing, stroller pushing business. I do believe, however, that this is the business where I belong, so I feel 100% about taking it under my wing from our original fearless leader, Alexa Smith. I am full of gratefulness and thankfulness and love going to into this venture, and I can honestly say that those feelings have secured any doubt in my mind that this is the right move for me.
lex and reba

Thank you, Alexa. I cannot put into words how you’ve changed my life by starting this whole thing. Stroller Strong Moms has seriously changed my life for the best. Your LOVE for pushing moms outside of their comfort zones has spread across the SLAM land, blossomed into multiple Stroller Strong Moms locations, all of which are now owned by caring and dedicated moms. You should be filled with pride. I am.

Thank you, members! YOU are the reason we will be celebrating our 5 year SLAMIVERSARY in September! You are the reason I have fallen in love with SSM and everything SLAM. Every single one of you brings something different to our village, making it one in a million. Oprah Winfrey said, “Surround yourself with only with those who will lift you higher.” You guys do that! Our revolving door of moms has allowed me to create a spider web of friendships across the world. Seriously, across the world. From Carrie Shirkey in Korea to Katie Provencher in Alaska to Lauren Demarest in Hawaii to Stacey Shrives in Washington state to Stephanie Ortegon in Connecticut to everyone else and in between who has SLAM’d with us then moved from here, you have each touched my heart, and I am a better friend, a better wife and a better mother because of you. Thank you!


November 2012, I went to my first Stroller Strong Moms class with my 14 month old, Neena. Alexa was leading a warmup, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was love at first SLAM. All I really remember was the after glow: feeling like I’d been hit by one of those pink PAIN busses. Laying there on the tennis court, I remember thinking I was hooked. I started going to class regularly. Back then, classes were only MWF. All of the unfamiliar faces from those first few sweat sessions soon became familiar, and I was meeting more moms than I could count. Neena was making friends. This whole stroller exercise thing was legit. In my opinion, what better way to start your morning than to get outside and sweat with friends?

I can not imagine my life without Stroller Strong Moms. I would have to actually purchase real clothes. I’m actually very content wearing my 34 different SLAM shirts on a loop! How I knew it was the right time to buy SSM? Because I own 34 different SLAM shirts.

I am so excited to take on the challenge of being the owner of a business you believe in! The spring and summer months will bring warmer air and a lot more sweat, I hope you join me along with our six other dedicated instructors at class to sweat like a mother! Get Fit 2016 will be SLAM dunk!

So, for the unforeseeable future, I plan to make good use of all 34 slam shirts to encourage and mentor women in much the same way as Alexa has done over the years.

Love, Reba

cols instructors

A message from Alexa:

I am very excited and proud of Reba for taking on ownership of SSM Columbus. Reba has been the face of SSM Columbus for the past four years. She has poured her heart into the program since day one. She is very respected in the Columbus community as the strong, selfless and kind-hearted leader of SSM. Reba’s true love for guiding moms in their fitness journeys as a selfless leader is obvious given that her children are no longer stroller-aged. She continues to lead with her beautiful heart out of pure love and belief in the power of SLAM. Reba’s all-in involvement in SSM has been a family affair since the beginning. Reba’s husband, Joe, has shot thousands of beautiful photos of mamas in action at class, races, MNO’s, farewell parties, Runs Across Georgia, SLAMiversaries, the list goes on. Reba’s mom, who is known by many of the SLAM kids as ‘Grandma Joanie’ has hosted countless SLAM gatherings including pasta parties, MNO game night, and farewell parties. Reba’s two school aged children, Josie and Neena, are the biggest mini SLAM supporters around, cheering on moms with all their heart! Reba and her wonderful family are a gift to Stroller Strong Moms and I look forward to watching SSM Columbus continue to inspire under Reba and her wonderful and talented team of instructors!
Keep SLAM’n!
Alexa Smith