Hey ya’ll! My name is Kayla Stille and I am a SLAMama from Springfield, Georgia where I was born and raised. I have been a member of Stroller Strong Mom’s since January 2017. I’ve been married to my best friend and soulmate, Brandon, for almost four years. Together we have four amazing children that keep us on our toes and fill our lives with so much happiness: Alex-14, Raegen-8, Brantley-2, Evelyn- due in May.

Growing up I was always very physically active whether it was playing softball, taking gymnastics, or competition cheerleading. However, after high school fitness is something I would fade in and out of. My workouts consisted mostly of treadmill and elliptical machines, and my weight fluctuated depending on the newest diet trend and how much time I was spending in the gym. In 2012, I was diagnosed with both Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s disease. Because both were present in my thyroid gland, I was unable to be treated with medicine in fear of one superseding the other. Every day was a constant battle. I struggled daily with lack of energy, my weight fluctuated constantly (even more than before), my anxiety became heightened, along with  many other things. Working out was almost nonexistent at this point.

During my first pregnancy with my son, Brantley, I didn’t take care of my body the way I should have. I often ate whatever I wanted to at the moment, I didn’t exercise at all, and as a result I gained 40 pounds. After having Brantley I found it hard to take time for myself, as most new moms do. I found it easier to put everyone else’s needs and wants above my own. Due to lack of motivation and never staying consistent from more than a few weeks at a time, I found it very difficult to shed those last 15 to 20 pounds. When I became pregnant with baby # 2, at almost 20 pounds heavier than what I began my first pregnancy at, I promised myself that this pregnancy would be different. I promised myself that I would make healthier choices when it came to food and exercise. Unfortunately, I quickly found myself falling into the same rut as I did with my first pregnancy, eating whatever I felt like at the moment and exercising very little. I was so disappointed in myself and knew it was time for a change. I owed it to my husband, my children, my family, and to myself to begin taking better care of me so that I could give them the best wife, mom, daughter, and sister that they all deserved. When the newest location of Stroller Strong Moms (Effingham/Statesboro) opened up only a few miles away from my house, I knew it was time to take a leap of faith. It was time to finally throw away all of the excuses I had to come up with and give SSM a shot. I went to my first class in mid-January, at 26 weeks pregnant, and was hooked immediately. Although I was extremely nervous in the beginning, after my first class I knew I had found my place. I felt an immediate sense of belonging, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, I got an AMAZING workout in, and Brantley loved it! SCORE!!  I knew right away that SSM was a perfect fit for Brantley and I.


Every single member of the SSM Effingham/Statesboro is awesome! These ladies are always there to encourage and motivate me. Whether it’s joining my side as I finish my last few reps when I’m falling behind, or just cheering me on as I go, they are always pushing me to be the best I can be. Joining this group has brought about a sense of sisterhood, and I will forever cherish the friendships I have made within this group. Our instructors, Apryl and Suzie, are absolutely amazing. They constantly demonstrate strength and enthusiasm and their energy is infectious. They are FIERCE and so are their workouts!! After every class, I leave feeling so accomplished and excited for the next workout. SLAMing with SSM has become my “me time” that I look forward to every day.

Starting this journey with SSM during my second pregnancy has given me a new found confidence in myself and what my body is able to accomplish. I am proud to say that with the help of SSM, I have been able to maintain a healthy amount of weight gain throughout this pregnancy.  I feel stronger and empowered knowing that I’m providing a healthier environment for my sweet Evelyn to grow and develop in.  I love that I am setting such a great example for my children, showing them to love their  bodies enough to make healthier food choices and to exercise daily. Although my thyroid disease has stayed the same, and I am still unable to take medicine, I can honestly say I feel better today than I ever have and I owe it all to SSM.  I’m truly honored to have been selected as the Stroller Strong Moms SLAMer of the month, however I consider myself blessed to have gotten to know and workout alongside such a fantastic group of strong, fierce women.