Meet Sydney

Hello, my name is Sydney. I grew up in the Los Angeles area but moved up to Santa Cruz for college and fell in love with this area…the beaches and the laid back environment. Although, I ventured to San Diego to obtain my teaching degree, the second I graduated, I moved back to Santa Cruz. A few weeks later, I applied for a teaching job and got it! Then a week before I was supposed to start teaching kindergarten back in 2008, my friend asked me to go to a bbq, I didn’t want to go at first but she dragged me to it and I’m so lucky she had because that is where I met my husband, Loren.
I’ve always been into sports and working out! It just makes me feel wonderful and I love to sweat! Loren and I moved in together; with him being a native of Monterey, I moved into his place. We both enjoyed running and being active outdoors. On weekends we would run to the beach, go hiking, rock climbing and I love me some Tae Bo!
But as time went on we moved farther away towards Carmel Valley and we just got busy. Life, it happens!!! Then 2013, we had our baby boy Logan Duke and then in 2015 we had a baby girl Kelly Skye. I was extremely happy with the life Loren and I created. I was also blessed that I was able to become a stay at home mom. Loren, Logan and Kelly are my world.
I’ve always struggled with my body image, but because I was so active in sports and/or outdoors, it was always under control for the most part. But at times, throughout life my weight fluctuated with the challenges of life and always putting myself on the back burner, especially after high school and college where sports weren’t a part of my daily routine. So, when the kiddos came and life got busy, I wasn’t able to get out and move as much as I used to and I still ate the same or at times I ate my emotions. Although, I loved my life and was happy…I was unhappy with myself.  I wanted to change but I felt spoiled and greedy for wanting to spoil myself by working out or taking time for myself when I already had everything I had wanted. How do I change my mindset knowing it is okay to once in a while, putting yourself first? I still struggle with that but I’m getting better because I want my children to know its okay and it’s actually better for everyone if you spoil yourself a little. Also, to stay active and healthy is a better image for my kiddos to look up to instead of running oneself ragged.
When I was scrolling Facebook, I saw an advertisement for SLAM and I did not know then but it has changed my life forever. It has allowed me to feel like I’m spoiling myself but also with the inclusion of my kiddos—it’s a win-win! The SLAM-azing feeling and high I get from working out with the wonderful women that I’ve met in SLAM has been the best feeling in the world. I look forward to getting up for a SLAM class or on the other days taking my kiddos for a walk or my son at times joining me in Tae bo. I am stronger both physically and mentally and I thank Alexa, SLAM and all the women I have met! Life is all about balance and every day I am learning that. Life is too short…you just have to enjoy every moment and to make each moment the best possible!