Sometimes fate brings you together, and sometimes S.L.A.M. does the work for ya! At the very first Nashville Preview Class, I got everything set up and waiting nervously for someone, anyone, to show up. In a city with very few military families, I knew it would be hard to get the Stroller Strong name out there…but sitting alone on a park bench, just waiting, I felt like maybe I didn’t realize HOW hard it would be.

Time ticked away, and suddenly, one brave mama and came rolling up. Hannah Driscoll was the very first SLAM Nash mama, and she’s been sweating like a mother since Day 0! I’m so grateful for her unwavering support, and so excited to announce her as Nashville’s first SLAMer of the Month!!

Hi, my name is Hannah Driscoll and I have been SLAMn’ here in Nashville since BEFORE the Grand Opening in April! More on that later.

I am originally from East Tennessee, as is my husband, but we only recently moved back to Tennessee after living on the coast for the last few years. I met my husband when we were just 15 years old in our freshman year of High School and now, 12 years later, we have been married for 6 years. After High School he enlisted in the Army and was stationed in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We lived in Savannah for about 5 years and a little over a year ago we moved to Nashville. I was 7 months pregnant with our first child when we made the move; our son Hunter was born October 8th, 2017 here in Tennessee and nothing has been the same since.

Moving to Nashville was a huge adjustment. As many of you relocated and military mamas know, making new relationships can be challenging. Before Hunter was born I did not have much incentive to get out and socialize. Even after he was born I found myself staying inside, alone with the baby, most of the time. After a short brainstorming session with my husband about how best to move forward in this new chapter of my life, he reminded me of the Stroller Strong Moms group in Savannah. I was a nanny during our time in Savannah, and remember seeing Forsyth Park filled with moms and strollers, working so hard, but looking so happy! In fact, I always wished I had a reason to go workout and meet them – the group looked like so much fun. But let’s jump back to Nashville…

Conveniently (or maybe it was fate), when I looked up the Stroller Strong Moms website I found that there was a Nashville chapter. Unknown to me was that it hadn’t even started yet! I was fairly anxious to get out there after having a baby, not having worked out for a year, and to have to perform with all of the athletes in S.L.A.M. but I had to wait until the first preview class!

When I attended the first class, with the best SLAMboss in the country, Sarah Staab, it was just us two alone. After that first class I was sold and it has been great to be a part of the growing tribe here!

I feel like I am getting into the best shape of my life while at the same time meeting great women and making friends. I ran my first 5k last month, and it was all due to the support from my SLAMily. The weekly classes are the highlights of my week – to the point where I get a little poopy when I miss class. I’ve also told my husband that we can only vacation in places that have a SLAM group ;). S.L.A.M. is so great and I just feel honored to get to be a part such a strong group of inspirational women – from Savannah to Nashville, and all the other amazing locations around the world.