Hey there! My name is Kara Daniels and I am so excited to be joining the ranks of dozens of amazing women as the newest SLAM Boss. My family and I recently moved to Concord, North Carolina, after we decided it was time for our family to make the transition from the military to civilian life.


My husband and I are college sweethearts. We moved to Italy shortly after our wedding. Not even 18 months later, we moved up to Germany, smack dab in the middle of my TWIN pregnancy! I was soon hospitalized and put on bed rest for what they thought would be the remainder of my pregnancy. Fortunately, I was able to leave the hospital and spend the last few weeks at home. Our sweet girls made it full term, but the stress of being overseas with twin infants was, on many days, crippling. Naturally, my focus turned to motherhood, and I started to get overwhelmingly anxious in social situations.

When the twins were a year old, and I was again newly pregnant, we moved to Oklahoma. Our third daughter was born and you could probably guess what happened next… time for another move! With three kids under three! This one brought us to El Paso, Texas, where Jessica Hamel and Stroller Strong Moms El Paso forever changed my life.

Actual pic from my first class! The twins in the wagon and Reagan on the right in her stroller.

I finally attended my first SLAM class. I really had NO idea what to expect—Are my kids going to cause a scene? Will the baby want to nurse a thousand times while I’m there? What if I’m not “fit” enough? (And what even is a stroller boot camp class???) I can tell you that yes, my kids probably caused a scene, that yes, the baby alwwwways wanted to nurse during class, and that yes- I WAS “fit” enough, not because I could do everything they could do, but because they BELIEVED I belonged and truly wanted me there. They welcomed me with open arms- with the twins sitting in a wagon and the baby in a stroller.  I pulled my jogging stroller out of the garage – and even though it only had two seats, another mom always offered up an extra one. This is a stroller boot camp class. This is SLAM.

Since that first class, I have learned so much about myself as not just a mother, but also an individual. I have conquered goals, I have pushed aside fears and anxiety, and I am constantly inspired by this community of women surrounding me. I want to encourage other moms to jump right in and join us – the ones who find it hard to fit in, the ones who want an outlet but don’t even know what to look for, and the ones who show up to their first class with their kids in a wagon.

I am so excited to embark on this next journey and I hope you’ll follow along with us. Stay up to date on SLAM North Charlotte by following us on FacebookInstagram, and our Webpage (coming soon)!

– Kara Daniels, Owner, SLAM North Charlotte