Hiiiiiiiii Everyone!!!!

I’m Erin, owner of SLAM Annapolis and an AFAA certified group fitness instructor! I am a military spouse and mom to 3 amazingly fun boys, Orion, Wesley, and Seamus!

My SLAM story begins in the second most beautiful town in the world, MONTEREY, CA!! After our family arrived in Monterey I had our second son, Wesley, and had the opportunity to become a stay at home mom. Having no idea how to navigate the waters of staying home with a little one, I was looking for something to get me out of the house and include my little boys. I always had a passion for running, but through working, momming, and my husband’s training and deployment, I wasn’t able to find any time to keep up with my passion. Insert finding SLAM!


My first SLAM class was one of those moments that still makes me tear up. I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts! I had been up all night with Wesley (who had terrible acid reflux at the time) and wasn’t sure I would make it out of the house that day. I am so glad I did!!! Wes started crying in class and one of the mama’s came over, picked him up, comforted him, and told me to continue my workout. I was hooked after that! I found a group of strong women who unconditionally encouraged and supported one another, as well as got in an insane workout!

Through these mamas I learned and focused on getting stronger after pregnancy and was able to become the athletic version of myself I couldn’t find before. I came for the workouts, but stayed for the sistership. There is something so inspiring about seeing a SLAM sister accomplish a goal she had set for herself and celebrating it with her!! Around these women I find myself pushing harder, because of the women standing next to me. Because of those mamas, I have become a stronger version of myself and a stronger Mom. These women became my pillars in hard times, my role models, and my sisters. I had finally found MY TRIBE!! As PCS season neared and we found out we were headed back to my HOMETOWN…Annapolis, I knew I had to share my SLAMily with my favorite town in the world!

I grew up as a military brat, with both of my parents in the Navy. As any military kid knows, every town you live in becomes a little piece of your journey and a new place to call home. For me, Annapolis was always a frequent port on my journey! Moving back for the 4th time, I realized how much Annapolitan insight I had, and couldn’t wait to share it all with my favorite community!! It is truly the most beautiful place in the whole world! When the opportunity came to bring this inspiring mama community to my HOMETOWN there was no hesitation! It was my turn to share HOME with my SLAMily!  So grab your Sperry’s mamas and brush up on your nautical terms because we’re about to set sail Hon!!

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